President’s Message from Betty Avalos
“Flexibility is the Key to Progress”

The past two years have been challenging for the club as we have frequently needed to reconsider and adjust our planned programs and activities. Because of our Redbud [Garden Club] members’ flexibility, we have found new and enjoyable ways to work and learn together. We have continually kept in mind that “Working together is progress” as  stated in our club’s motto.

One of our mains goals for 2022-2023 is to attract new members. We will work on increasing our our visibility to community via our webside and facebook, as well as reaching out to potential members individually. Other important goals are to continue our work with the community native plant gardens and to find additional ways to be of service to the Three Rivers community. We will continue to share our knowledge about drought resistant and native plants along with modeling responsible gardening techniques.

The Redbud Garden Club has been in existence for 71 years! As our members continue to work together and stay flexible, 2022-2023 promises to be an excellent year of progress.

Do  you want to interact with others who share your love of gardening?
Do you want to enjoy learning more about gardening?
Do you want to hear gardening tips from monthly speakers and have fun on field trips?

Join us, as our guest, at the next Redbud Garden Club monthly meeting,
which is always held on the first Monday of the month, from October-June.

We would love to meet you!

Contact Karen Dennis, Membership Chair
knjdenni@att.net – (559) 561-47

header photo above:  bush lupine, redbud tree, white sage flowerstalks,
from the community native plant garden at the Three Rivers Post Office

photograph of a Redbud tree by Nancy Glass