Success  •  Redbud Garden Club inspirational theme for 2017-2018

A Message from President, Beverly Slinger…

We are so fortunate to be associated with a club that has been recognized for its good work, talent, reputation and service to the community. What makes this group stand out, above all, is the unity and cooperation we all share.

We come from many different backgrounds, with a variety of skills and talents—all different areas of learning, individual strengths and weaknesses. Even with all these differences, we are united in our shared interest in gardening and the community where we live. We show this in our work with the various community and personal gardens we have created, the opportunities we make to share what we know, and the plants we grow and nurture for ourselves and others.

We are a great team! The time and effort, that each of us gives to make this club so remarkable, is significant. Let’s continue these efforts towards a successful year.

Above all, the pleasure of working with and knowing each other is very special for me.
I hope it is for each of you as well.

Do  you want to interact with others who share your love of gardening?
Do you want to enjoy learning more about gardening?
Do you want to hear gardening tips from monthly speakers and have fun on field trips?

Join us, as our guest, at the next Redbud Garden Club monthly meeting,
which is always held on the first Monday of the month, from October-June.

We would love to meet you!

Contact Karen Dennis, Membership Chair
knjdenni@att.net – (559) 561-4705

header photo above:  bush lupine, redbud tree, white sage flowerstalks,
from the community native plant garden at the Three Rivers Post Office

photograph of a Redbud tree by Nancy Glass